Rules and Regulations

  1. Smoking and using open fire (such as candles, kerosene and gas lamps) is strictly forbidden. In case of violating the rule the charge of 1000 PLN an the costs of intervention of fire department are covered by Visitors.
  2. All guests are obliged to follow the rules of those Regulations as well to follow Health and Safety and fire rules. In exceptional circumstances they are also obliged to follow recommendations of the Lessor.

    The tile stove located in the house is to be used according to it’s purpose. It should always be closed. Leaving the stove unassisted is strictly forbidden.

  3. According to the fire regulations and general safety rules, it is strictly forbidden to use heaters, microwave ovens, gas appliances or devices powered by electricity, which are not permanent part of the equipment. Phone chargers and computer and electric power suppliers are excluded from the above.
  4. The house is rented for days in accordance with previous booking in which the date and the number of participants is specified. The condition of confirming the booking is paying the deposit of 30% value of the total amount in the period of 3 working days counting from the date of pre-booking. In case of cancellation, the deposit is not returnable. The booking is confirmed upon the receiving of the deposit by the Lessor. Making the booking is a confirmation that Lessee has read and accepted the terms of the Rules and Regulations.
  5. Check-in time starts at 4 pm on the arrival date and the check-out time is at 11 am on the departure date. Extending the check-out time depends on circumstances and can be associated with additional costs. Check-in and check-out is performed at the presence of the Lessor.
  6. On the day of the departure the key to the house shall be handed to the Lessor. In case of losing the key, the amount of 300 PLN is deducted from the deposit.
  7. Guests are obliged to complete formalities and make a payment for the whole stay on the arrival date. In case of early departure, the funds for unused period are not returnable.
  8. Quiet hours are between 10 pm to 6 am.
  9. Guests are responsible for day-to-day cleaning and clearing the snow.
  10. General cleaning of the house is included in the price. Any damage of the house will result in additional charges. The amount of the charge is dependent on the level of the damage.
  11. Guests hold full responsibility for any type of damage of the equipment in the house being result of their or their guests activity. Guests are obliged to inform the Lessor about any damage right after it occurs. The presence of animals in the house is accepted on the condition of reporting this fact and only if it is guaranteed that they would not impose any danger or damage for people living nearby. The owner is obliged to clean up after the animal.
  12. We request not to leave the children unattended. Lessor does not hold any responsibility for children left unattended.
  13. The amount of the deposit is not returnable in cases of:
    • smoking in the area of the house
    • causing the intervention of the Police or Fire Department
  14. The parking is free, unguarded.
  15. Lessor does not hold any responsibility for the car and the belongings inside the car as well inside the house.
  16. Local fee is not included in the price of renting the house.
  17. By using the services provided on and pre-booking the house, Client consents for inputting personal details in database held by the Lessor for reservation purposes. The Client has a right to have an insight into personal details and making any updates in them.
  18. All changes in the Rules and Regulations will be performed by inputting the new version of the document on the website and inside the house.
  19. We request to maintain and return the house in the same condition, which particular includes: leaving the dishes clean, disposing of leftover food, throwing the garbage. |n case of violating the above, 200 PLN per cleaning will be charged.
  20. The lessor does not hold any responsibility for temporary inconvenience caused by third parties, such as temporary lack of electricity.